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Oliver Miller, Bishop and Miller Director talks about his love of coins, that started as a boy and is ever strong as an adult.

I loved collecting coins as a boy. I was always compiling them and had a special book in which I would save my treasures. The thrill of seeing currency from across the world or getting my young hands on a really old coin was so exciting. I still feel that same sense of delight today when a particularly rare coin is consigned to one of our auctions.

But one thing is for sure, I wish I had saved that collection, as it would most definitely be worth a fortunate now!

Coin collecting is an age-old pastime that is currently going through a renaissance. Hollywood star Jack Black is reported to be a firm fan of the ‘The Hobby of Kings.’ So named as it was a favourite pastime of both Louis XiV of France and the Roman Emperor Augustus.

As would be expected this demand is being mirrored by prices in in coin market, which right now is very strong. Particularly for gold coins, which are achieving huge prices. But across the board, all types of coins are selling for record figures, to the delight of the sellers.

We have seen a significant increase in collectors from across the world logging into our special coin auctions in eager anticipation of what they will find. The increase in interest is definitely a global phenonium.

“Understandably many people do not realise that their rusty tin, full of old coins that is sitting under the stairs or in the shed, may hold an old or rare coin that is sought after and subsequently valuable.”

Some of our recent highlight sales include a Royal Mint Queens Diamond Jubilee UK Gold Five Ounce Coin, which sold to a buyer for £6000 and a Victoria Australian Half Sovereign, from 1862, that was snapped up for £5500 by a collector in Australia. That coin is currently making it way make to its homeland.

But it is important to note that you do not have to be an avid collector to benefit from the resurgence in coin demand.

Understandably many people do not realise that their rusty tin, full of old coins that is sitting under the stairs or in the shed, may hold an old or rare coin that is sought after and subsequently valuable.

But right now, whilst the market is so hot, is definitely the time to find out.

Bishop and Miller would never ever expect anybody to know the value of their items. That is where our expertise comes in. What we do for our clients is to sort through any coin assortment and highlight to you if you have any treasures.

Sometimes people can feel embarrassed in case they do not have anything of value after the sort through. But no one should feel this way. We never expect anyone to ‘know what they don’t know’,

why should you? We pride ourselves on our respectful and no obligation approach. But unless you give it a go you will never know!

Right now, in that old biscuit tin in the drawer, there could be a valuable sought-after coin just sitting there that could be worth thousands!

Indeed, this was exactly what happened with one of our recent clients. He had no idea that an old coin he brought to be looked at, with a jar of others, was exceedingly rare indeed. The coin had been found, unbelievably, in a tool box belonging to his late father-in-law.

The moral of the story is unless you give it a go, you will never know. We are currently welcoming new consignments for our special coin and stamp auction on 8 May 2022.

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