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Bishop & Miller’s specialist Tribal, Ancient and Oceanic Art department comprises artefacts and works of art made by the indigenous peoples of the world. Our team are expert in the cataloguing and valuation of items from Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Oceania, and the Americas.

Expressive Ethnographica 

Due to our country’s Imperial and seafaring past the UK is a treasure trove of ancient, tribal, and oceanic art. With many fascinating cultures and mysterious objects, the tribal art bracket offers anthropologists the opportunity to collect and study diverse history, craftsmanship and decorative quality as well as objects for their historical and social interest. 

Our department has catalogued and valued a wide range of unique works of art – from African, Sub-Saharan Oceania, Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia, Australia, Indonesia and both Central and South America. Our auctions have included both prestigious and ceremonial sculptures, masks, ritual objects, jewellery, ceramics, and items of cultural significance.  

The specialist team at Bishop & Miller have extensive knowledge of the valuation and sale of ancient art including the famed Lakenheath Shield and an Ancient Greek alabaster alabastron. If you wish to sell or purchase tribal or ancient art at auction, contact our team or explore our online upcoming auction calendar.

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"I was so impressed! Oliver came to my house to value a number of items. He was courteous, polite, extremely knowledgeable and most importantly honest. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to sell my items and I thoroughly recommend him and his team."

Yasmin Jeffrey

"The auction house provides a regular ever increasing variety of specialised auctions. As a seller, you know you'll get a good price, as a buyer, there's every opportunity to acquire what you're interested in."

Andy Graves

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