Insurance & Probate

Insurance & Probate

Bishop & Miller offers a bespoke service to help you in times of need. We are able to offer Probate valuations, Insurance valuations and Tax Inheritance valuations on a wide range of objects to assist you when administering or executing an estate or for your home and contents insurance.

Our team of qualified experts offers an up to date and professional approach to the valuation of your items for probate, insurance and inheritance tax purposes. We offer personal and confidential professional advice to individuals, executors, lawyers, agents, trust companies, family offices and fiduciary agents in helping them manage collections, estates and individual objects.

Probate Reports

Bishop & Miller’s valuers regularly carry out probate valuations of chattels (possessions within an estate), in accordance with the Inheritance Tax Act 1984 and we are able to deal directly with executors to help arrange a probate at a suitable day and time. Our Probate valuations offer peace of mind for as little as £25 and as part of our service we will provide you with a full list of contents including art, antiques, jewellery and general house contents.

Once an initial visit has been arranged and carried out, we will provide you with a full draft valuation report on all contents within the estate. This will then be shared with you and will provide you a clear indication of the value of all the contents. We can prepare the written report just as descriptive text or can present the text alongside images of each of the objects within the estate (at the executor’s agreement).

Once you are happy with the draft report, a final formal printed copy will be prepared and sent to you. Our experienced team at East Anglia Probates will be on hand at every stage of this process to offer advice and guidance to you and to ensure the probate process runs smoothly.

All valuations are carried out in complete confidence.

Once a probate report has been received the executor of the estate might wish to sell items from the Estate. We will work with you to ensure you get the best price for your items and our valuers will ensure items are entered into the most suitable auctions for the items. We hold a number of specialist auctions throughout their calendar and can offer sales for the range of items the estate may contain.

Please note, some high value items may be subject to Capital Gains Tax; our probate valuation team can provide advice on this should this affect you. We will typically complete our appraisal within one visit and, depending on the scale of the valuation, we aim to deliver the finished document within a 10 working days of the appointment. 

In line with FSA regulations, clients will be required to provide written instructions and proof of ID.

Insurance Valuations

We work with a wide range of clients who are looking to have their items valued for Insurance purposes to ensure they are insuring their items for the right amount and paying the correct levels of premium and are fully covered should there ever be the need to make a claim.

Bishop & Miller understands that its clients need up to date valuation on the contents of your house and your most treasured valuables. If items get lost, stolen or damaged, clients need to have clear reports on the value of their items to be able to support a claim, any over-valued or not valued at all can result in a claim being disputed. The retrieval of items after a theft can rely heavily on the detailed descriptions and good quality images in an Insurance valuation report. Here at Bishop & Miller, we can provide you with peace of mind with a clear, detailed valuation report.

Inheritance Tax Valuations

When clients require a detailed written report for inheritance tax purposes, Bishop & Miller can assist. We will swiftly arrange a suitable date and time to come and see you at the property. We offer a friendly, confidential service that is professional and we are able to assist with the valuation of items, collection and then selling of items. Working closely with the client we will ensure your service is treated with the utmost confidence.

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