jess ames



Jessica is our Office Manager and is responsible for keeping the day to day management of the office running smoothly. Relatively new to the business, starting in 2019, Jessica has swiftly picked up the reigns of running our busy office and learning all the ways of the auctions.  If you have contacted the office, then you have more than likely spoken to Jessica, she arranges all payments from all auctions, keeps on top of the valuers busy diaries (which is a feat in itself!), managing correspondence around all auctions whether its condition reports or consignments and generally manages the team around her. Jessica's favourite auction is the Jewellery & Watches as she says "there are so many beautiful items and it is always interesting to see people's tastes and opinions in what they look at when they come and view". As part of our 'meet the team' we asked all the team for a fun fact about themselves, and Jessica's was......i'm an avid yoga fiend, love travelling the world and I also love running, it helps me to unwind after a busy day at work!